Welcome to zDoggie Studios!

zDoggie Studios

This site is a hybrid that brings online my various interests. It's probably best described as "My Home Page," but I've named it zDoggie Studios.

My biz site is http://atctech.co


A Blurb About Me, in 3rd-Person

Gerardo went to The Florida State University, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Studies. He grew up in after-school computer clubs, programming for college credit in high school, and working computer-related part-time gigs.

Basically self-taught, he started his career as the first official Webmaster (well, they had to add Webmaster to the job description) of the State University System of Florida Board of Regents and Tallahassee Community College, running mainframe jobs, maintaining servers, writing ASP, VB5, and JAVA, and going to school simultaneously.

Gerardo sleeps with Mischa and Neumann, drums, loves the SOCs and Microcontrollers, 'Noles and Sivar Football, Pupusas, and road trips.